Nature Beauty from Decléor -- 2 drops of Essential oil Decléor AROMESSENCE Concentrates that are 100% pure, 100% natural, 100% active and preservative-free. The DECLÉOR story started 35 years ago through the application of both passion and energy.  That was in 1974! The know-how of Decléor researchers allows them to correctly proportion and combine several essential oils, in order to accurately obtain the effect required. The purity of the essential oils makes them exceptionally effective. They also have the astonishing capacity to increase their beneficial powers through combined synergy. Through highly accurate and scientific proportioning and combinations, essential oils can be transformed into incredible beauty concentrates. This is why Decléor AROMESSENCE™ products are always made up of 3 to 9 different essential oils associated with a base of plant oil(s) for optimum affinity with the skin. They are formulated to combine scientific effectiveness and sensory pleasure! These beauty serums are 100% natural, 100% pure, 100% active and preservative-free.  DECLÉOR Aroma-Duo: improved effectiveness. We have developed a tailor-made, simple, unique and highly effective procedure to optimise the effectiveness of your daily beauty routines. First product: treat with AROMESSENCE™ serum. AROMESSENCE™ concentrate with essential oils is non-greasy, immediately absorbed by the skin and deeply treats and rebalances. Second product: protect with the appropriate daily moisturiser.  In order to protect your skin, the use of a suitable product (moisturising cream, moisturising gel, moisturising mousse, moisturising fluid, etc.) is essential. Applied to perfectly cleansed skin, the use of the AROMESSENCE™ range before any moisturising cream has the power to increase the performance of your chosen cream. Effectiveness tests are systematically conducted to measure this "booster" effect. At night, the skin's biological rhythm changes: its cells repair themselves and regenerate. For this extremely important moment, DECLÉOR developed AROMA NIGHT -- night balms that meet the specific needs of your skin type. 100% pure, 100% natural and preservative-free, these balms have a silky and delicious texture. Wake up to new beauty in the morning!

In the 1990s the benefits of Aromatherapy were recognised internationally and this reinforced the status of the AROMESSENCE™ range as flagship products for the brand. The popularity of professional treatments continued to grow rapidly in a network of beauty salons & flourishing spas.Treatments & Skincare Products continue to be the principal 2 pillars of DECLÉOR, each supporting the other and giving rise to new developments.

In 2000, the adventure broadened with the arrival of the Shiseido Group which allowed DECLÉOR to develop its research and development base and to benefit from new sales markets, particularly in Asia.

Today, DECLÉOR is the world's largest cosmetic Aromatherapy brand.
Through its exacting requirements, the quality of its products & treatments and its accessibility, DECLÉOR has united women of all ages from all backgrounds who want a holistic approach to beauty based on natural ingredients.
This avant-garde concept is reflected not only in the diversity of its distribution networks and the emphasis placed on research and training, but also in its production tools and its commitments.

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