Viper/Multi-Diamond Dermabrasion

60 mins.

Viper/Multi-Diamond Dermabrasion treatment makes use of different levels of fineness of the miniature diamond grain to produce friction on the skin surface. It uses the vacuum pump to control attraction intensity in order to remove skin roughness in the gentlest way. Although the diamond’s hardness is at a high level, it functions perfectly in removing toughness of the skin. This is very safe and causes no stimulation on the skin after  treatment.  It will not cause any wound, blotches or redness.


  • Cleanses the deep layers of the skin and also removes the dead surface layer and roughness
  • Reduces oiliness and removes pimples
  • Removes pigmentation and blotches, and improves old age spots
  • Promotes metabolism and blood circulation, and activates the skin
  • Promotes collagen production and skin elasticity, removes fine wrinkles
  • Increases the skin's absorption ability by 5-10 times


  • 1000 Units in Stock

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 16 October, 2009.

No Paraben
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