Oxygen Treatment combined with Photo Dynamic Therapy

90 mins.

Why you need Oxygen Treatment

Our skin needs oxygen, like all other life forms. The dermis (or inner layer of the skin) can transport oxygen to the body through the blood vessels for healthy cell growth. When we are young, our stronger metabolism gives us better ability to supply oxygen to our skin. With increasing age, blood vessels also age which reduces our ability to absorb oxygen and slows down our cell metabolism. Other factors such as air pollution, unhealthy eating habits, smoking and alcohol also contribute to the reduction in the amount of oxygen our skin receives. This causes skin problems such as wrinkles, pigmentation/spots, dark circles around the eyes, blocked pores, etc.

Oxygen Treatment combined with Photodynamic Therapy is a safe, painless and non-invasive treatment using a machine adopting the ESLD (Extra Super Luminous Diodes) technology that can supply high purity energy (10 times more energy that than of ordinary LED) which can shorten the treatment time. The O2PDT mask can output 324 PDT and do 16 heads pure oxygen spray treatment simultaneously which can increase the speed, thus shortening the treatment time.


Oxygen Infusion (high pressure pure oxygen injected to face or body)

95% oxygen injected into the base layer of the skin to treat and improve uneven skin, wrinkles, loose skin, pigmentation, ageing skin and other skin problems caused by lack of oxygen.

Oxygen Spray

Uses oxygen combined with essential oil to treat acne, skin irritation, itching. Best treatment after cosmetic surgery, IPL treatment, peeling and microdermabrasion. Good for reducing acne bacteria, sterilising wounds and speeding up healing

Inhalation & Aromatherapy (pure oxygen mask or conventional cannula)

Oxygen combined with 100% essential oil, infused through the respiratory tract, to renew physical energy and release emotion with the aim of balancing inside and treating outside. 

Pure Oxygen Mask Facial Treatment

Can supply oxygen swiftly, replenishing oxygen to the skin and body. Also results in restoring skin elasticity, removing wrinkles, lightening skin, lifting muscle.

O2PDT Mask

Based on photodynamic theory, O2PDT is specially designed with 12 head sprayers which can spray pure oxygen with the mask, releasing different colours at the same time. It can replenish oxygen for the skin and help it to absorb nutrients. It can also treat inflamed acne and repair aging as well as sunburned skin without any pain or discomfort. This treatment involves sending out high purity, high density lights of red, blue, green and yellow to irradiate on the face or body and emits continuous or pulsed light to change cell structures. O2PDT is on the base of PDT to treat synchronistically by adding pure oxygen. While PDT kills inflamed bacteria, oxygen will provide a suitable condition for new cells to grow as well as shorten the treatment time and speed up the effect of treatment.

Red Light: increases collagen production and speeds up the growth of cells in skin and muscle five times faster than usual, thickens and restores the structure of the dermis, restores skin elasticity resulting in beautiful, healthy skin, assists in the healing of wounds

Green Light:  lightens skin and reduces spots/pigmentation

Blue Light: kills bacteria in acne and treats the skin, rapidly reduces acne inflammation

Yellow Light: fit for sensitive skin, can increase the strength of capillary vessels. Has similar functions as the red light but also functions to drain and dredge the lymph


1. Improves collagen activity and strengthens collagen, removes wrinkles, tightens pores and skin

2. Reduces age spots, lightens skin and evens out skin tone

3. Increases cell activity, making skin softer and lighter

4. Treats acne and balances oil secretion

5. Removes toxins from the body and restores its skin elasticity

6. Assists in fat breakdown and the reduction of fats in the body, body slimming, improves the appearance of stretch marks

7. Repairs injured skin, reduces skin irritation from over peeling, laser and other stimulating treatments, rebuilds healthy cells and increases skin’s immunity

8. Promotes healing of wound 

Cyan Light:  Helps to calm and reduce the impulses, takes good care of skin

Purple Light:  Can calm the nerves, promote better sleep and increase memory

White Light:  Can help absorb nutrients, purifies negative energy, strengthens magnetic field and reduces the side effects of radiation to the body.  Particularly beneficial for people who frequently work with computers.

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