Photo Dynamic Therapy (7 Colours)


Photo dynamic therapy treats inflamed acne, repairs aging and sunburned skin without pain and discomfort. Treats by shining high purity, high rate light of red, blue, green and yellow emitted by the treatment system. Adopts continuous or pulsed light to change cell structure. 

Red light:  Adopts 640nm LED, helps increase the rate of muscle and skin cell renewal by five times, promotes the cell growth process, accelerates the growth of new collagen, thickens and resets the structure of the dermis, restores spring and promotes healthy skin, aids in the healing of wound. 

Blue Light:  Adopts the LED with the wave length 490nm, to activate the producing porphyrin in acne to produce toxic singlet oxygen, reduces acne inflammation and treats pimples, kills bacteria. 

Yellow Light:  Adopts the LED with the wave length 590nm, has similar functions as the red light, also functions to drain and dredge the lymph.  Fit for sensitive skin, can increase the strength of capillary vessels.

Green Light:  Adopts the LED with the wave length 627nm, whitens and reduces spot by penetrating to the lower layers of the skin.

Cyan Light:  Helps to calm and reduce the impulses, takes good care of skin

Purple Light:  Can calm the nerves, promote better sleep and increase memory

White Light:  Can help absorb nutrients, purifies negative energy, strengthens magnetic field and reduces the side effects of radiation to the body.  Particularly beneficial for people who frequently work with computers.


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